Tips To Sweat Less

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Sweating is only normal, maybe more for men; as the temperature rises, your heart rate increases, and your body cools itself down by pumping out water. Without sweat, you’d be dead. You can not stop sweating, that is not what this article is all about, you can only get it to comfortable and manageable levels. The tips below are for sweat reduction not necessarily to stop odour if yours come with that.

  1. Dress for the weather: More than just being stubborn and wearing a cardigan on a sunny day with claims that you would sun dry it later on, is the fact that your skin would be left with most of the problems like body odour, spots and folliculitis.
  2. Pass on spice: If you know you sweat a lot, you might want to eat peppery food if at all in a well ventilated area of space or just go for less spicy foods for your own good.
  3. Underarm Care: If you notice as little as people retreating or getting uncomfortable when you go around them, no they are not your haters, you are probably giving off a bad smell from your armpits; so first do not neglect your armpits when taking a shower scrub but do not make it sore; secondly get rid of cream based antiperspirants that you have, they clog up your glands and lastly go for an aluminium free roll-on.
  4. Hair Removal: If you sweat a lot , then you know that hair is not good in your private areas especially your arm pit, so do not wait till it grows wild to clear it all out; if you have sensitive skin or shaky hands opt for shaving cream to avoid blisters or sores.

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