Top Make Up Brands for the Dark Skinned

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Finding a makeup brand that works for you might be hard depending on various factors like your skin type, climate etc. if you’re reading this, today is your lucky day because we have narrowed down some make up brands that are fit for women of color. With this list, you should be able to fine-tune it and see what works for you. Let’s begin:

IMAN Cosmetics:

Founded by none other than international model Iman, Iman Cosmetics is probably the most well-known makeup line intended for women of color. They have a really thorough way of f​inding the perfect makeup for your skin tone and skin type. ​You can find their line in various stores in Lagos, Abuja and many others at affordable prices.

Black Opal:

Black Opal was created by people of color for people of color. Not only is the line affordable, but they have a “Find Your Shade” section similar to Iman Cosmetics’, as well as shaving products for men. It looks like they’re developing an affordable hair care line aimed at—you guessed it!—the hair care needs of people of color.

BlackUp cosmetics:

On the higher end side of makeup, blackUp cosmetics was created specifically with Black and mixed women in mind. With over 18 shades of foundation, ultra-pigmented eyeshadows, and 30 shades of matte and glossy lipsticks. Yes, it is pretty expensive compared to other makeup brands but the results are also worth it. They have stores in Nigeria and the one at The Palms Shopping Mall is the most common.


All Zaron products have Jojoba seed oil, Castor oil and shea butter. This means they have moisturizing qualities and won’t dry out the skin. This is a huge plus. Zaron is targeted at providing the beauty needs for women of color. There is a store in Ikoyi, Lagos.


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