Try These For Robust Sleep

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Sleep is one of the few tenets of wellness that should be given primary attention. That’s because it is the easiest one It’s fun. It’s restorative. It’s stress-free. But sadly, very few people can turn on the sleep switch at will. It usually takes some heavy calculating and courting for sleep to come.

Lack of sleep has been connected to obesity, mental-health problems, and other chronic diseases. When people don’t sleep enough, they tend to be in worse moods, find work impossible, and have a shorter lifespan. If you find it difficult to drop off at will, incorporate these few lifestyle changes into your routines and watch a magic turnaround.

Stop looking at the phone or computer at least an hour before bed:

A wide range of research shows the detriments of staring at artificial light before going to sleep. Watching some sort of screen in bed at night, messes with our circadian rhythms and deprives us of melatonin, a natural sleep-promoting hormone our bodies produce. When getting ready to go to sleep, plug your phone on a table in the corner, shut down the laptop, and don’t think about either of them until the next morning.

Get a real alarm clock:

Moving the phone away from your bed means you can’t use it as an alarm clock anymore. Now that your phone is across the room, find several healthier alternatives, like high-tech clocks. A “smart” clock can wake you up with a quiet, sweet melody at a preselected range of times.


Take a novel with you to bed and read till you fall asleep. It really works

Reduce coffee and alcohol intake:

This is sometimes the hardest change to make, but hey, it’s worth it. My strategy is simple: Coffee in the morning, a tea or something less aggro around noon or one, and then no more caffeine for the rest of the day. If you are going to drink alcohol, make sure it isn’t too close to bedtime. While there are few greater joys than a nightcap before bed, studies have shown that drinking at night is a guarantee of a poor night’s sleep.

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