unique beauty tips you never knew

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1. Take A Cold Shower

Now, it’s not fun, and it won’t really feel especially with the cold and rainy weather

But taking a cold shower will increase your blood circulation and give your skin a lovely glow!

It also helps shrink and tighten pores.

Taking a cold shower on a morning when you’ve overslept and behind schedule will really help you out because it will wake you up and encourage you not to spend more time than you should in the shower!

Now there’s an incentive we can all learn from!


2. Emulate Sleeping Beauty

Know why it’s called “beauty sleep”?

Because it truly does help you to look your best!

When you run on low levels of sleep, you are often grumpy and so that beautiful smile is replaced with a frown.

And those dark circles underneath your eyes just refuse to be covered no matter how hard you try!

The only remedy to this problem is simple- get more zzzzzz’s!

Studies have shown that skimping on sleep messes with your metabolism as well.

So if you want to slim up, get more sleep!


3. Don’t Miss Breakfast

You’ll find that charging head-long into a super busy, cram-packed day jammed full of work and school and errands just doesn’t do anything for you.

You wouldn’t let your car run out of gas-it wouldn’t get you anywhere!

It works the same for your body.

Eat a breakfast every day.

Even a banana or a healthy snack that you can take with you in the car is better than skipping altogether.

Protein shakes are also filling and good for you.

Mix almond or soy milk with yogurt, a banana, a scoop of protein powder and the fruit of your choice in a blender until it’s smooth.

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