Ways to Wear Makeup Like a Grown-Up

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Is your makeup bag full of glitter mascara and frosted pink lipstick? If so, we get it. We’ve all been there. But, it might be time to ditch the dorm makeup (or high school hues, if that’s the case) for some grown-up goodies. Read on for five ways to get a more mature look.

Cut Down on the Sparkle

Enough is enough. While glitter liner will always be wearable during the holidays, special occasions, and a summer day on the beach—no matter how old you are—the shimmering shades should be used intermittenly. If you own more than two shimmer products, it’s time to ditch the extras. Hint: A good rule to follow is to only wear one glitter product at a time, keeping the rest of your cosmetics simple and matte. And beware of the pink shimmer—it’s a tween girl’s go-to item

Learn to Contour

Blush or bronzer placed correctly can help define cheekbones and give a face structure and shape, while strategically using darker and lighter foundations brings out certain features while helping others to recede. Contouring can do wonders for highlighting your best attributes, so this is one trick you definitely want to have up your sleeve

Use the Right FoundationImage result for makeup

Foundations do more than just hide imperfections—they deliver extra moisture, control oil, shrink the appearance of pores, and tighten sagging skin. Think about what “extra” your skin needs and experiment with foundations until you find one that does the trick—and put your best face forward

Avoid Frosted and Gloopy Finishes

Certain products are marketed toward specific age groups. Frosted finishes and thick, goopy glosses are a hallmark of makeup created for junior consumers. Grown-up ladies need to be ready to set them aside in favor of matte and satin lipsticks and shadows. Not only do these products look more chic, but they ensure your lips don’t stick together—so your lips are alluring and kissable, not sticky and easily smeared


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