We Have Been Using Makeup Wipes Wrongly. Here’s the Right Way

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Here is how to use wipes the right way.

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Whether it’s freshening up after a sweaty commute, fixing an errant smudge before happy hour or removing a face full of makeup after a long day, face wipes have saved us on many occasions. And when used correctly, they do a pretty good job. We know what you’re thinking-what is there to mess up? You wipe on and wipe off, right? Not quite.

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What you’re doing wrong: Wiping down your forehead, nose and chin first.

How to do it better: The proper way to use the cloths is to start along the outside of your face (your hairline, neck and cheeks) and then work your way toward the center.

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Why it matters: Your T-zone has the most oil glands on your face-and hence, more grime and acne-causing bacteria. By starting along the perimeter of your face, you’ll avoid spreading the bacteria everywhere else. Easy as that.

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