Why You Must Stop ‘Minerals’ Addiction

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At most Nigerian parties, the go to drink is usually soda or ‘mineral’. Although it may seem innocent initially, but if most people knew these five dangerous effects of drinking soda, they may have a re-think:

One soda every once in a while won’t kill you, but a significant daily intake will lead to health issues. Like cigarettes, soda should come with a warning from the surgeon general. Why else would the City of New York try to limit its availability?

Soda is the most common class of drink but most people don’t realize just how terrible it is for you. Here are five reasons why you need to get rid of soda from your diet:

It makes you crave fatty foods:

Not only is soda filled with calories, but it makes you want even more calories. Drinking soda can lead to a false sense of hunger causing cravings for more sweets.

This is because your body thinks it needs more energy after blood sugar spikes. It makes you feel tired, sluggish and usually hungry. People tend to eat more on days that they drink more soda.”


Soda can cause belly fat:

The high sugar content of soda has been conclusively linked to an increase in abdominal fat-which is dangerous, as this is where many vital organs are.


Soda has way too much sugar:

Obviously, soda has sugar. But that’s not the issue, the issue with soda is not that it has sugar. Rather, it is with how much sugar an astounding three quarters of a teaspoon per ounce.”

It may mean diabetes:

Fatigue is pretty bad but still not the worst. Over time, this push and pull on the pancreas to produce more insulin and the cells to accept more sugar results in depleted insulin and insulin resistance of the cells—diabetes.


The more soda you take, the less you hydrate your body:

This is super vital: any time you’re drinking soda, you’re rejecting water. Sodas do nothing but fill your body with empty calories and sugar. If you are drinking sodas, you are depriving your body of good clean water and increasing the demand on the pancreas, as it produces the insulin-producing cells with a greater challenge.

Tired of water? Let your favorite substitute for soda be some flavoured sparkling water (try lemon or lime) with a splash of cranberry and a twist of citrus.

Whenever you want to take that second bottle or can of soda in a week, remember these health hazards and try to cut off more intake of soda. Let us know any other harmful effects and ways they can be corrected.

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